Nortec Minerals Corp. (“Nortec” or “the Company”) is committed to implementing, carrying out and maintaining ethical business practices and procedures. It is with sincerity and conviction that we strive to be a good Corporate Citizen. The Company will comply with existing environmental laws, policies, practices, and procedures in the Countries where it conducts business.

Nortec is committed to developing its mineral assets through sound exploration practices in order to identify, bring forth and develop a viable project so as to maximize shareholder value for all of our investors.

The Company not only fully believes in wealth creation for its investors, but also for the potential future wealth of the people and region in the Country that the Company is conducting operations. Nortec’s commitment is built on a foundation of adopting, following and conforming to principles of responsibility and integrity.

It is important to the Company to cultivate, sustain and maintain good friendships, relationships and partnerships with the people that reside in the surrounding communities in the areas in which we conduct our corporate operations. It is paramount for Nortec to respect and honour the local customs and traditions of all people that live in the communities of each region within the Country where we carry out our day to day corporate activities.

It is Nortec’s intent to maintain social responsibility values. Our goal is to achieve and maintain corporate ethical, moral and environmental standards at all times.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Nortec Minerals Corp.
Michael Malana
Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary and Director